Abbé Tea Company
Drink Tea, Be well!


For the Love of Tea!

The first sip blew me away... Drinking this just feels like being really, really good to yourself.
— Katie Jacques
Hands down, the most delicious tea I have ever had!
— Liza Fenster
I find a lot of herbal teas can be too bland or too concentrated but these really are great!
— Megan Spaeth
Your tea is delicious and I feel calm in the evenings when I drink it after a long day. Thank you!
— Amanda Lies
This tea is great... Super high quality, highly recommended! Thanks!
— Max Annis, MSTOM candidate
As a psychotherapist, I have suggested Dream and Tranquility to my clients with insomnia or anxiety as an alternative before considering psychotropic medications. In every case, the desired results were achieved!
— Lynne Burley MS, LPC, NCC
I love how fresh looking the tea is .. No ground up tea here!
— Holiday
I find all the teas to have a distinct aroma and flavor. Very good!
— Tom Burley
I thoroughly enjoy your teas and I especially appreciate their healing abilities.
— Elaine Dapra