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Unrefined Rock Sugar

Unrefined Rock Sugar


Rock sugar is commonly used in Ayervedic medicine and in Indian treats and offerings to the Hindu gods.  In Hindi it is called misri, which comes from the Chinese name mi sha li, which translates to "sweet glassy pebbles".

Our rock sugar comes in a glass jar with a screw-top lid, and contains about 10 teaspoons.


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Rock sugar is derived from beets. It is slowly crystallized in a process that preserves the natural minerals while developing an intricate molecular crystalline structure. This technique makes rock sugar less processed and more concentrated than refined sugar.

The resulting beautiful, rich crystals of unrefined sugar enhance teas without altering their flavors. They also provide medicinal benefits that other sweeteners do not, such as reducing coughing, relieving sore throat, and freshening the breath by preventing bacterial build-up in the gums and mouth.

  • All natural
  • Store in a dry, cool place
  • To sweeten iced-teas, you can create a syrup base by adding sugar crystals to boiling water.