Abbé Tea Company
Drink Tea, Be well!


Our Philosophy

Abbé Tea Company is a Brooklyn-based tea company founded by two acupuncturists trained in both Western and Chinese herbalism. We specialize in designing wellness tea blends formulated using thousands of years of accumulated wisdom on healing with Chinese medicine. Our teas are hand-crafted in small batches with carefully selected organic, fair trade, vegan & cruelty free ingredients. We aim to create high-quality holistic teas that are beautiful, tasty, and most importantly, designed to address what ails you.

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What makes Abbé Tea Company Special?

Farm-to-Kettle: The farm-to-table revolution is well underway, and people everywhere are starting to understand why it’s such an important movement - economically, environmentally, and socially. We’re really excited to expand on that idea. Think: “farm-to-kettle.” Yup! We want to bring the farm right to your kettle - or your french-press/tea-ball/organic unbleached paper filter… we’re not picky.


For Every Tea There is a Season: We formulate all of our blends using thousands of years of accumulated wisdom of Chinese medicine. The entire goal of that ancient medical system is to bring our internal environment into a state of dynamic balance with the outside environment. Different times call for different teas, and we aim to have a blend for whatever you need to bring you back to center

Purity, Quality, and Integrity: We source 99% of our herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and Star West Botanicals. That means our teas not only contain the highest quality herbs, but they are also supporting companies who are wholeheartedly dedicated to sustainable practices and social and environmental causes. Our herbs are organic, fair trade, and wild-crafted (when possible). This means that buying our teas supports a transformational chain of charity, purity, and integrity from beginning to end.