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What Do Your Nails Say About You?

this #wellnesswednesday we’re talking about nails! The #nails are great indicators of how much blood & fluids the body has and how emotional stress and anger are managed. What do your nails say? 🙏

*Brittle, dry and pale nails mean there may be a deficiency of blood. Red rose petal, Safflower and Nettles are all blood-building! Brittle nails are both blood and fluid deficient and chia seeds, like in our Hydrate blend, are very moistening. Plus all #rooibos nourishes fluids!

*Nail fungus means there can be dampness or internal phlegm that is so abundant it is starting to show up in an external space (this can be a big indicator of #inflammation or stagnation). Chrysanthemum and Puehr are great at resolving dampness, our Detox blend has both.

*People who bite their nails and pick at the skin around the nails may have emotional anger they can’t outlet so they may be releasing it through the blood (the blood houses our emotions). If you need to cool the blood and resolve excess anger peppermint is your gal!

*Nails that have ridges may have liver stagnation so #turmeric, #peppermint as well as all blood and dampness movers I mentioned above will help with this too! 💅

In #chinesemedicine the organs have #besties they work in partnership with as a yin/yang pair. Each organ pair help each other and keep one another in balance so they can accomplish their respective tasks. Like a buddy system!

If a pair of organs are overworked and depleted they can no longer function at their best, and this is usually when pathology shows itself. The Finger and Toenails and Eyes belong to the Liver/Gall Bladder organ pair. So the nails are a reflection of the state of the Liver and Gall Bladder, and any abnormality can be an expression of a pathology that may be happening either energetically, emotionally or physiologically.

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