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4 Tips for Staying Healthy this Fall

The Autumnal equinox has quickly come and gone, bringing with it the colder temperatures and the decreasing hours of daylight. The winds pick up and our internal desires to sleep and stay cozy grow stronger with each passing day.

In Chinese medicine this is the time when nature's energy begins to go inward. This tends to be the time when colds and flus begin to circulate and our friends and colleagues are plagued by days spent home blowing noses and checking their temperatures. 

The exuberant outward energy of summer that pushes nature to blossom as the trees grow their beautiful green leaves, flowers bloom and fruit ripens is the same energy that pushes our immune system to robustly come to the surface of the body. As we transition to autumn, this energy begins to slowly find its way to the deep internal aspects of our bodies.  The leaves begin to fall. Our seasonal harvests come less from the branches of our trees and more from the roots of the earth.

The energy of the fall is related to that of the Lungs and Large intestines, the element of metal.  The dryness of the season can harm our lungs and cause them to be susceptible to invasion from what we like to call "External Pathogens".  The lungs are also the key energetic soldier in supporting our immune system so that we have the resources to fortify our defenses.  The lungs manage the opening and closing of the pores of the skin and are ultimately responsible for both blocking pathogens from entering the body but also for pushing pathogens out once they have gotten in. 

There are several ways that we can support the body to keep ourselves healthy and keep our immune system active during the next few months as we enter into the depths of winter.

4 tips to stay healthy this fall.

1. Drink fluids

The partnering of the lungs and the large intestines is a key factor is the support of our immune system and need to actively protect the energetics of these organs to help them do their jobs. Dryness, a damaging factor to both these organs,  can be mitigated by nourishing the fluids in our bodies.  We can do this by drinking plenty of fluids (especially TEA!!! 😃 ) but also by moistening the body with foods such as pears, yams, pumpkin, squash, apples,  which add both moisture and nourishment to the lungs.  We also want to use warming spices such as cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon which will keep the body from being too cold but will also help move pathogens upward to be released from the skin, which is the main external extension of the lungs. Our Stay Healthy Special Collection contains everything you need!


2. Eat in harmony with the season


Eating foods that are out of season, like strawberries, bananas and watermelon during these months can inhibit our ability to fully fight colds and flu's because they optimize different organs and different energetic pathways that are not necessarily synergistic with the fall season.  Strawberries are a summer fruit that help nourish the heart.  There is always a big push to eat things that contain vitamin C to help the immune system, but not all things containing these vitamins are nourishing during this time.


3. Consume seasonally sourced Vitamin C

If a person wants to boost their immune system with vitamin C during the fall and winter it is better done with dried berries such as Elderberry  (which actively fights colds and flus) and Rose Hips (the richest plant source of vitamin C available) as part of an infusion so one gets both the rich vitamin nutrients as well as the warm, nourishing fluids.  Our Prevention tea contains Rose Hips and has been specifically designed to boost immunity, fight infection, and reduce inflammation without eliciting an autoimmune response.


4. Take cover and keep warm!

We can guard the Lungs with preventive measures by keeping our necks and heads covered during the Fall.  External Pathogens love to ride the waves of the wind and enter the body through the exposed parts of the neck and head.  If you are one of the unfortunate souls that catches a cold or flu this season you can actively help the body work through it by drinking our spicy Under the Weather.  The spicy tea will open the pores and aid the lungs to sweat and move pathogens up and out of the body.  At first signs of a cold, add spicy to your regime in addition to a good hot steam, a hot bath or shower and a bundle of clothes to help get things moving.


We wish you a very healthy Fall and Winter season and as always, we hope that you will Drink Tea and Be Well!