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Food, Abundance, and Love


It's Thanksgiving time here in the US and we Americans love to take any and all opportunities to be festive with our food!  This time of year marks our calendars with the joys of families and friends getting together to break bread and share all the things we are grateful for.  It also happens to be the same time when we eat ourselves out of our pants and make promises that next year we won't go back for that second or third helping of green bean casserole and mashed yams with marshmallows on top. 


As health and lifestyle coaches, it would be common for us to give a finger wag to the overconsumption of food around the holidays.  However, we want to help celebrate and bring joy to the idea that food is one of the most magical ways to bring together family, friends and community.  There is great value in joining groups of people together to bring harmony and peace to our worlds.  Our lives can be chaotic, filled with stress and anxiety over our jobs, our children and the negative news that plagues our media.  What better way to slow things down a bit, cook next to our mothers and grandmothers while reminiscing about our lives lived in tandem? 


In all cultures around the world, food is used to celebrate and show affection and love for big events.  It is a moment in time that we invest ourselves fully in cultivating inner nourishment as well as outward affection.  In Chinese Medicine the Earth element is the element that is responsible for using our food and distributing it to the other aspects of the body to be assimilated.  The organs of the stomach and spleen are under the house of the Earth and play an integral role in making sure the body has what it needs.  In many ways, these outward celebrations are the ways we use food to show each other that we want to care for one another and make sure we too get what we need so we can grow, change, transform and become better versions of ourselves. 


While we may fall short of actually saying to one another that we want to help each other become better humans we certainly try to show it by coming together and nourishing each other with food.  We may also over consume the sweets, drink a little more than we should and sometimes squabble with our loved ones over trivial things but deep down in there we are all coming together to at least try to bring love. 

We here at Abbé Tea Co are wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May your glasses be overflowing, may your food be abundant and may your love be everlasting.  Your top button may be unbuttoned but at least it will be with a smile.