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Drink Tea: Change Your Life

In Chinese medicine we spend years of our lives studying the dualities of nature.  We look at how disease can manifest as an excess or deficiency, if the person has symptoms that present as hot or cold or if the general state of a person is very yin or very yang.  We look at these opposing pairs not just as cleaved objects randomly on either ends of space but rather that they are intertwining pairs that each have a little of the other as part of their matrix. 

This understanding that each of us is not separate from our environment gives us the idea that we have the ability to influence our health and our wellness by what we surround ourselves with and what we consume. We can certainly extrapolate from this and expand this idea to infinity but what if we looked at it more from a microscopic level?

There is the age old adage that says "you are what you eat."  In many ways, this has a lot of merit.  Obviously, we are dynamic creatures with incredible adaptability but at the core of this idea there is truth.  The food we consume is broken down into microscopic parts that is then used to create blood, fluids, mass and even power our energy source, what we love to call Qi. 

The sources of what you consume play a large role in how well your body is powered, nourished, fed, and operated.  Without trying to "fix" anything that may be wrong in daily consumption, what if we decided to just add one thing that could positively change us in the smallest way?

What if we drank tea?  Abbé tea is essentially plant materials such as roots, bark, leaves and berries that are harvested to capture their innate medicinal properties.  Properties that are instilled in them by nature to nourish the soil, the air and the animals that feed on them.  This plant matter grows particular to a region essentially providing the exact nutrients needed to fight infections, retain moisture, create growth and sustain life. 

As we all strive to fill our lives with joy and purpose we begin to consider our environment and what feeds us body, mind and spirit.  We become inherently thoughtful about what and how we consume that which ultimately nourishes us to thrive.  Perhaps it is important to consider that drinking one small cup of tea a day is the exact act of consuming what you want to be.   This act creates the smaller gem that becomes part of the entire shrine.  We cannot always change our environment and in many times in our lives we are faced with challenges with our health.   However, it is beautiful to think that even if we do something small for ourselves the collective positivity of this tiny act can then begin to transform our entire existence. 

Consume what you want to become and Drink Tea Be Well!