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Embody your Inner Ice Queen this Winter

In Chinese medicine, feeling cold is a clue that something may be out of balance. Whether it's feeling chilly overall, hating cold weather, or having toes like icicles, the body is giving us important diagnostic information that is worth taking a look at. There are several factors that contribute to the constant feeling of cold.

Cold typically stems from either an excess of cold trapped in the body or a Yang deficiency, which serves as a warming agent in our bodies. When that warming agent is deficient, the person will have a feeling of being cold, even in the summer. Yang deficiency also creates much more fatigue, low libido, less muscle tone, sinking posture, etc.- almost like the person’s internal fire has been put out!

The person with excess cold will often have extreme muscle tightness, as well as possible severe cramps during menstruation, joint pain, etc. They often feel stuck, contracted, and as if their experiences all have an intensity to them. Each of these reasons for being cold can cause an extreme taxation on the body and over time can create a host of other pathologies.

Luckily, both people can benefit from warming spices to help invigorate their internal fire. Herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, and cloves will start those flames by warming the Kidneys or heating up the cold. It is also good to nourish the kidneys because they are severely depleted in either of these cases, which is best to do with stinging nettles and alfalfa. Abbé Tea Company's Fatigue Tea takes the cake here because it contains the stinging nettles and alfalfa which support the kidneys, as well as the warming agents clove and cinnamon, designed to strengthen adrenal function and relieve mental and physical exhaustion.

If this is you, stay strong this winter by warming up your inner Yang fire with herbs like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, and cloves. Stock up on those warming teas and stand proud like the snow warrior you are!