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4 Steps for Perfect Tea-Infused Punch!

Hello tea lovers. Today is National Punch Day, and since we all love a tasty festive punch, we decided to tea-infuse it since everything is better with tea. Enjoy!


Here are 4 simple steps to create your own chilled tea punch! Or, better yet, use one of our blends as a ready-made base to simplify the process. For example, our Skinny Me tea, soon to be renamed Energize, is the perfect combination of bitter puerh, tangy hibiscus flower, citrusy orange peel, and minty peppermint.

1. TEA: Brew your tea as usual, then stick it in the fridge to cool down.

For a rich, black tea flavor we recommend using puerh, which is a fermented black tea popular in China. Puerh has so many health benefits it is impossible to list them all. Unlike most caffeinated beverages, it is highly beneficial for the cardiovascular system as it regulates blood sugar, cholesterol, lipids, and blood pressure. Additionally, although puerh naturally contains small amounts of caffeine, it also naturally stimulates melatonin production in the gut, so it boosts your energy while also promoting more restful deeper sleep.

2: FLAVOR: Add citrus, fruit, and fresh herbs once tea is chilled.

Black teas and their bitter flavor tend to combine well with tangy fruit, sour citrus, and aromatic herbs. Besides the widely popular flavors such as lemon, orange, apple, berries, and peppermint, try exploring more exotic flavors such as yuzu, lime , mango, kiwi, pineapple, basil, rosemary, lavender and ginger. For an upscale creative twist try zesting your citrus, muddling your fruits, and making a simple syrup with your fresh herbs.

3. LIQUOR (optional): Add a splash of something if its that kind of drink!

Dark liquors, such as whiskey, brandy, and dark rum tend to combine best with black teas. Think hot toddie summer version, complete with sliced lemon, crystalized ginger, and a cinnamon stick. Add a splash of Baileys for a sweet, creamy twist.

4. SERVE over ice, garnished with your choice of citrus, fruit, and fresh herbs. Enjoy!


Our Skinny Me blend boasts puehr, tangy hibiscus flower, citrusy orange peel and minty peppermint...

Photo credit of flowers and tea punch by @sister_salon_table on Instagram.