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Summer Style Harmony

Summer is about Movement.

This is the time when people want to be out and about. Summer schedules are always full and oriented to outdoor activities. It is about outward movement. The body also energetically is moving things outward. This is a time when the pores open and the body pushes a lot more energy towards the surface. This allows for more sweating. After winter we have a lot of cold and internal closure so we go through the upward movement of spring cleaning and spring colds that restart the immune system.

The Element of Summer is Fire.

Fire isn’t so much about immunity as it is about cleansing. None of the Fire organs hold onto anything. The focus is cleansing and movement stagnation in the form of heat. The heat of Fire and Summer is fantastic for moving stagnation and invigorating Qi and warming cold. The Heart, one of the fire organs, is all about desire. In summer we tend to love to seek adventures and pursue summer romances to fulfill the hearts desire.

If someone has a lot of internal heat or stagnation, summer is really uncomfortable. It feels like being in the middle of the jungle while having a fever. The idea for summer as beneficial is be to move that stagnation and cleanse the body, which boosts the immune system that needs to kick back in Fall (when you reap what you sow).

Embrace the Heat.

In summer its best to avoid cold things because they trap the heat. People love ice water and A/C but all of those extreme colds engender dampness that hinders the process of movement and cause a lot of stagnation that become cold & flu and immunity issues into the Fall. Cold in summer can dampen artistic flame resulting in writers block, muscle stiffness, and inhibition.

Teas for Summer Balance.

Relieve is a blood mover with affinity to the heart and small intestine, both fire element organs.

Detox has chrysanthemum plus the cooling component of mint, which cools but also moves stagnation at the same time. This is especially great for the skin as it expresses summer rashes and poison ivy’s. In general anything with Chrysanthemum is perfect for summer because it moves stagnant heat. Our Cloud Nine blend tastes fantastic chilled.

Spicy foods in the summer are a cooling mechanism to move stagnation because it heats up the body to promote sweating and release the fire. Cultures in hot tropical places have very spicy cuisines. Our spicy Under the Weather tea is good for this. 

Antiperspirants block sweat and trap a lot of stagnation in the lymph system and chest and breasts. Allowing for sweating to happen is important. Skinny Me invigorates yang to create movement to help Fire to move and release.

Enjoy a smooth move into summer!

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