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Summer Harmony Part II

Summer Fire Part II

Last week we talked about the fire energy of summer and the heart and small intestine organs, which are connected to the fire element. This week we’re going to continue by talking about San Jiao (The Triple Burner!) as well as The Pericardium membrane, which are also associated with the fire element.

The Triple Burner

San Jiao, also called “The Triple Burner" or "Triple Heater” is particular to TCM with no equivalent in Western medicine. It is not an actual organ but a collective complex of functions. Nevertheless, we treat it as if it were its own individual organ entity because its function is so important!

The San Jiao assists all the other organs in their functions and makes sure that the various types of Qi flow smoothly and properly eliminate wastes. Its essential function is the relationship to movement of Qi in any part of the body. It is divided into 3 burners: upper middle and lower. In the Upper Burner (the lungs and heart), the San Jiao is in charge of diffusing Qi to skin and muscles. The Middle Burner (stomach and spleen) is about the transformation of food and transportation of nutritive substances in the right directions, both for digestion and elimination. The Lower Burner (liver, kidney, bladder, intestines) is in charge of the transformation and transportation and excretion of fluids and waste elements.

The Pericardium

The Pericardium physically and energetically protects the Heart. It is particularly responsible for the healthy interactions between people and love and social and family relationships. It influences relationships with other people and the points on the channel are often used to treat emotions & problems caused by relationship difficulties.

Triple Burner, Pericardium & Life

We love to use the San Jiao to move things when they are stuck whether through elimination, digestion excretion, or just stuck in life. Because our emotional life is not separate from who we are in Chinese medicine, we use the Pericardium to ease the struggles that relationships may cause in life that results in both internal and external stagnation.

And Tea Saves the Day Again!

Our JET LAG (soon to be named Harmony) tea is designed to solidify the stomach and spleen and help move stagnation through warming herbs. The herbs in this blend speak to all 3 burners: upper middle and lower. Schisandra has an affinity for the lungs and heart. Ginger has an affinity for stomach and spleen. Cloves and cardamom enhance the digestive and eliminative properties of the lower jiao. They are also considered anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial and are helpful in this environment.

Obviously we have LOVE POTION (soon to be named Alchemy) for the Pericardium, which helps nourish the blood, which is where the emotions are housed. Love Potion also helps circulate the blood which is really important for emotional well being. Also our CLOUD NINE tea blend lifts the mood and settles the Heart spirit. How fab is that?

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