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Period's Main Culprit Explained

Ever wonder why periods can be so difficult? We have Liver Qi Stagnation to thank for that!

Liver Qi Stagnation is caused by lifestyle factors like stress and unexpressed emotions. When Liver Qi is unable to flow freely, it creates PMS symptoms like cramping, frustration, mood swings, tender breasts, and pain. Although Liver Qi Stagnation may be present throughout the cycle, we feel its effects much more intensely during our time of the month.

One reason is that a healthy function of the Liver channel is to fill with Blood and Qi that is meant to be released with menstruation. As the Liver channel swells, all the things that we normally have space to stuff down there to maintain out of sight and out of mind start to surface. PMS doesn’t come from nowhere- it is the unsolicited awareness of all the things, as women, that we stuff into our subconscious to stay sane. When we are forced to face these things, it hurts!

To get a grip on Liver Qi Stagnation across the cycle, contemplate the relationship between women’s bodies and the cycles of the moon. The first part of the menstrual cycle is the time of the new moon. By incorporating more physical activity and time spent being creative we give our Liver Qi an outlet, and prevent that stuffing down of emotions and energy into the Liver channel that will only resurface later! The second part of the menstrual cycle, after ovulation, is a more inward time as hormones flow and our energy prepares the womb for conception. As women, when our moon gets full, we are able to embrace our most intuitive feminine aspects. By focusing on self-care and trusting ourselves, we can work through the emotions that surface at this time, instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Our Relieve blend (pictured) is a comforting organic herbal tea designed to boost circulation and ease the mind, body and spirit to soothe pain at all levels.