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3 Tips for Embodying Spring

3 Tips for Embodying the Wood Energy of Spring:

1. Move that body

The Wood element is all about movement, epitomized by the emergence and expansive growth of plants towards the sunlight. Wood loves to move all 4 limbs in all 4 directions, opening your chest and abdomen and allowing the Qi to flow. To feel this renewal blossoming within you, start your day early with a sun salutation, interpretive dance, or brisk morning walk.  

2. Start afresh

The Wood element governs the eyes, and it also loves to plan and make decisions. The push and pull of free movement opens the gateway for the development of fresh perspectives through a new set of eyes. As the stagnation of old belief structures gets coursed out, new visions develop and expand. Spring cleaning is one of the ways we embody this Wood energetic without even realizing it- out with the old, in with the new!

3. Take action

The virtue of the Wood element is benevolence, while the emotion of Wood is anger. Social activism is an ideal way to harvest Wood energy, using the planning and decision-making faculties of Wood to transform anger into benevolence, growth, and change. Spring is the best time of year to be creative- make things, do things, envision things. This is your season to thrive!