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Self-Expression and Well-being

The Physical, the Spiritual and the Emotional are the 3 main pillars of how we function.

The body’s main yin organs- heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs- each house a particular emotion. Main emotion-organ associations: anxiety-heart, worry-spleen, fear-kidneys, anger/frustration-liver, sadness/grief-lungs. So emotion, whether expressed or unexpressed, can play a vital role in the influence over the health and pathology of the body! 

1) Over-expressing emotions is usually an indicator of a pathology. Someone who experiences extreme anger, even over mild situations, could mean imbalance of the liver. A person with extreme anxiety even over trivial things may have an imbalance of the heart. Expressing emotions at the appropriate time means a healthy response system & is a valuable tool for helping navigate life. Emotions can give us crucial information about life situations and we need to honor them.

2) Repressing emotions can be equally damaging to our health, not allowing us to properly follow our life path. Without honoring how we feel, we may be more prone to follow what is expected of us, dictated to us, and told our role in society is. It may feel “easier” to just comply. Yet, if your body is responding otherwise, you would be ignoring a huge part of your own presence and your navigation system could be thrown greatly off course. Which can then lead to extreme imbalance in the emotions & the organ systems of the body, causing huge amounts of pathology and suffering.

If you experience extreme emotions or you ignore your own needs, perhaps it’s a great time to step back and see what you may be needing. Are you working where you want to be? Are you in the relationship that makes your heart full of joy? Do you live in a place that supports who you are and your needs? Take a moment to check in with how you are experiencing your emotions on a daily basis and see if they can help guide you to make changes where you feel stuck.