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Arthritis: Where Does It Come From?

If your mom & grandma have it does that mean you are automatically going to get it? Not necessarily.

Arthritis is a tricky little disease that comes in two different forms: cold or hot. 

“Cold” arthritis will have a lot more of the extreme stiffness & difficult mobility exacerbated by cold weather, which in #chinesemedicine is considered cold lodged in the joints.

“Hot” arthritis has more of a burning sensation, extreme aggravation and swelling and even redness and heat coming off the joints. There is also a damp component that can contribute to this swelling.

Where Does It Come From? There are external and internal factors that affect the development of arthritis. Your Mom and Grandma teach you many things in life like eating & stress habits and coping mechanisms. Heredity of arthritis can be just as much from lifestyle habits as genetics. Take a look at how you function emotionally as well as in terms of food. If you stress eat are your go-to foods are fried & sugary (damp heat) or ice-cream and dairy splurge (damp cold)? How does this effect your body? If you do this for years at a time, the body will feel these food invasions are a threat to the internal organs and try to do everything it can to divert the threat from main organs and direct it to the exterior, and what better place than bone articulations, the most exterior of the organs which have the ability to hold disease in latency until it begins to show itself.

If arthritis runs in your family and you are concerned, start asking yourself if you eat lots of inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol) daily or as a result of stress? Are you under constant stress? Do you get rest and eat proper meals? All of these can play a role in inflammation levels the body carries at any given time. If you are trying to prevent disease like arthritis, have a look at the answers to these questions and see what kind of resources you are feeding your body.