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Adrenal Fatigue

In #chinesemedicine Adrenal Fatigue is regarded as a deficiency in the kidneys...

Adrenal Fatigue often occurs after periods of prolonged stress or constant “fight or flight” feeling, for some it can come after a few months and for others it can rear its head after several years. What happens is our adrenal glands become overworked and produce excess cortisol, which prevents the adrenals from producing other hormones we need to function and extreme exhaustion as well as the feeling there simply isn’t enough energy for daily tasks ensue.
Chinese medicine- acupuncture, herbs, tonics, as well as a change in diet focusing on foods that nourish the kidney (find an extensive list online!) have been proven to help. Avoid foods that encourage the kidney’s deficiency (sugar, soda, alcohol, highly salted foods) and try to find tactics for dealing with stress and de-stressing your life- even though we know that can sometimes feel like a task in itself, and it isn’t easy especially in a society that’s all about pushing yourself harder.
When it comes to our teas, Fatigue strengthens adrenal function by restoring the Kidneys by using warming herbs such as CLOVE and cinnamon to allow them to produce energy (Kidney Yang) naturally as opposed to using stimulants that pump it all out and leave it depleted (like coffee). Our Jet Lag Chai tea also has cloves and cinnamon and ginger as well which are also warming and produce sustainable energy.