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What is Fire in Chinese Medicine?

This #wellnesswednesday we are talking about Fire deficiency and Fire excess in #chinesemedicine as the Year of the Fire Rooster is upon us!

The fire element is associated with summer, openness, connection, and expresses itself as joy, manifesting within us love, laughter and enthusiasm. That is wonderful when it is in balance. However, an excess of Fire can be like a never-ending summer, and not in a fun way: too hot, too much, the perpetual clown, always talking, always “on”, never allowing for a decrease or reflection. Excess fire manifests as anxiety and mania.
On the other hand when our Fire is low we feel uninspired and feel we lack something to share. We might want these things, but feel anxious, sexually inhibited, shy, emotional cold, easily hurt, overly dependent on a partner. We don’t show our true selves, calculate our moves and present an image of ourselves that isn’t truthful which only perpetuates fear. Symptoms of fire deficiency are feeling a lack of warmth and connection.
Balancing Fire: To bring MORE fire into your life, eat more bitter foods like artichokes, turmeric, very dark chocolate, etc. and exercise (yes, even if its a few minutes of jumping jacks in your living room). To nourish fire seek some warmth, whether it's through sunshine, interpersonal connection or invigorating foods like our Under the Weather tea. If you already have too much fire going on, eat blander foods (lots of squash, pumpkin, zucchini, etc), drink more water, challenge yourself to PAUSE and do some mindfulness meditation (there are some good 10 min. ones on youtube) and drink chamomile, lavender and peppermint teas to calm and cool, like our Dream, Tranquility or Hydrate blends.

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