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Nourishing the Heart

In Chinese Medicine the ❤️ is the Sovereign Ruler.

It is the most important organ & treated as such both in energetic workings of the body & how we use acupuncture and herbs to treat it when there are imbalances. The heart energetically rules the Shen, which is described as our Spirit or our Soul. Physical or emotional disturbances to the heart can also disturb the Shen. The most dangerous element to the heart is heat, which is generated internally (bottled up emotions) or from excesses like little sleep & poor nourishment.

1) Internal heat can cause blood and liver energetics to stagnate then act out on surrounding organs. When the Liver gets cranky it beats up on the Heart. The person can feel frustration, rage, anger & anxiety, like being stuck and not knowing how to change it. This creates sleepless nights, insomnia, heart palpitations, lack of joy, excessive joy, as well as angry outbursts for small, often manageable tasks and challenges.

2) If heat is created by lifestyle habits, the body will have feelings of anxiety, sleeplessness, worry, followed by UTIs when emotions get strong. The heart can’t hold heat so it passes off the heat to the Small Intestine which outlets heat with rapid digestive descent & to the bladder to be drained. The bladder can’t handle too much heat and inflammation results.
If either or both of these states of emotional & lifestyle habits continue too long, the body becomes depleted in energy and blood. The person will have these continued symptoms but will also develop internal wind, which can cause tremors, ticks and even strokes.

It is always a good idea to treat your sovereign ruler with respect & love, so we recommend ridding yourself of excess heat that gets generated with daily life. Chrysanthemum, in our Cloud Nine & Detox teas, is great to get rid of heat. Holy Basil, in our Tranquility tea, is fantastic at soothing the liver, calming the Shen & relaxing the body. Mint, in our Detox, Hydrate, SkinnyMe blends, is a wonderful cooling agent that helps dissipate heat & soothe the liver, frustration, etc. Rose petals in Cloud Nine & Love Potion nourish the ❤️. Rooibos, the tea base of most of our blends, is a wonderful moistening agent.