A restorative organic herbal tea designed to strengthen adrenal function and relieve mental and physical exhaustion.

Drink this blend to balance your Resources & elevate your Energy!

This item includes 35 servings of herbal tea, packaged in a reusable glass jar sealed with a cork and beautifully nestled in its own labeled gift box.

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Ingredients & Properties:

Organic Green Rooibos: An anti-inflammatory that counteracts anxiety, relieves depression and stimulates concentration and focus.

Organic Alfalfa: Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue

Organic Stinging Nettle: Strengthens adrenal function to promote restorative sleep and increase overall energy, cleanses metabolic wastes and builds blood to prevent anemia and fatigue.

Organic Red Rose Petal: Enhances mood, lifts depression and creates a sense of well-being and euphoria.

Organic Gotu Kola: Increases metabolism to optimize brain function, increases oxygen levels and improves blood circulation in brain tissue and rejuvenates the skin.

Organic Clove: Stimulates the mind, relieves mental fatigue and exhaustion, lifts depression and anxiety and enhances memory.

Organic Cinnamon: An anti-inflammatory that boosts alertness and concentration, lifts depression, and enhances immunity.

Brewing Instructions:
1 tsp of loose leaf tea per cup of water
Pour freshly boiled water over tea
Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes
Drink 3-4 cups per day or as desired

New to brewing loose leaf tea? It's a piece of cake! Check out our accessories to discover the best method for you.