What's a good night's sleep worth?

A handfull o' sleep this #wellnesswednesday ~ We all know sleep is “good for you” but I didn’t care much about it until my 30s when I started feeling hungover just by staying up late. Seriously, people. Who’s in the same boat?

What's a good nights rest worth? Sleep is when all systems of the body can have their me-time and purely repair and regenerate after a full day of working for us.
Best case scenario, we get a full night’s sleep, eat well, aren’t stressed, exercise, etc. That would be a person operating at 100%, and that usually doesn’t happen. On average, people get 4-6 hrs. sleep (taking that 100% down to 60%) and this is how many of us start our day. Adding not so great food choices (another -20%) uber amounts of stress (-20%) no exercise (-10%), environmental toxins, colds and flus, all of which may push us to very subpar conditions (like operating at 10-20%) then we wake up and do it day after day.
We can’t ask the body to support this without giving it ample time to rejuvenate. Restful sleep allows our body to fight infection, and lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol AND adrenaline keeping us from flu, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, chronic adrenal fatigue and being in constant fight or flight or anxiety mode.
In a nutshell: sleep gives us the optimal environment to deal with our imperfect world.
Drinking 1-2 cups of our sedating Dream tea blend will lull you to sleep easily and naturally. It quiets the mind so you can’t lie awake thinking, my favorite part about the tea!
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