Unhappy gums, yuck!

Excess heat

In Chinese medicine bleeding gums means there is excess heat from the stomach blazing upward. That is why people see a lot of upward heat sings like bleeding gums, bad breath, sour regurgitation, constipation, excess thirst, excessive hunger, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms there is probably excess stomach heat.

Tea can help!

Apart from healing herbs you can ingest or gargle in a solution and acupuncture (not to mention a visit to the dentist!), drinking high-quality herbal teas can be helpful. Some great teas for this are our Hydrate blend, as the mint is cooling to the stomach to help soothe the fire and put out the excess heat. Our Detox tea blend has mint in addition to chrysanthemum, which also helps to expel heat. Chrysanthemum tends to be more of a liver tonic but it also fundamentally helps to get rid of heat. And its pretty and delicious!

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