Understanding High Blood Pressure

How Chinese Medicine Explains High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often a combination of a) emotional stagnation and b) rising heat which causes upward moving energetic momentum. In many cases, the liver is stagnant causing energy to get stuck in the chest and head. The liver gets stagnant from over-frustration, pent up emotional toil, or the inability to express emotion.

3 Herbal Teas That Can Help

When it comes to treating high blood pressure people should consider the treatment of both a) their emotional foundation as well as b) their physiological symptoms.

1) Our Love Potion is a great start to both. The bitter property of the cacao is a natural purgative and blood lover to help things get moving and released and the rose petals help to target calming the spirit.

2) Our Detox is great for moving the liver, specifically and getting rid of trapped heat.

3) Our Tranquility blend is also fantastic as the Holy Basil herb is a nervine (relaxes the nervous system) and helps to calm the emotional as well as physical stagnation that may be at the root of high blood pressure.

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