Why Eat Sour During Spring?

How can you harness the benefits of spring by eating sour?

In Chinese medicine, eating certain flavors can help the five organs function well so that your health is in balance. The sour flavor is connected to the Liver-Gallbladder organ pairing, which is connected to the element wood and the spring season.

Sour aids the liver & gallbladder but also strengthens the lungs. It cools, contracts, dries and firms tissues. It is good for incontinence, diarrhea, flaccid skin and excessive sweating. Since the liver plays a strong role in dominating the emotions, if the liver is disordered, it can lead to being easily angered, irritated or emotional.

To keep your health in balance this spring, eat sour! This means vinegar on salads or in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim chi and pickles of all kinds. Get your sour on with natural yoghurt, gluten-free soy sauce, adzuki beans, olives, lemons and limes.

Our Hydrate tea blend- peppermint, lemon peel, chia seed, skullcap- has been designed for exactly this purpose. The lemon peel in Hydrate gets you the sour flavor you need and the  peppermint soothes and relieves Liver Qi stagnation, freeing up movement and circulation to help you move into the energetic expansion of spring!

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