The Amazingness of Garlic

Happy National Garlic Day! Garlic is one of the few herbs that was and still is used in 3 great healing systems of the world—Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Traditional European Medicine.

Garlic this Spring

Early spring is when the last cold of the season goes around as the temperature changes so use garlic and spicy herbs to move things up and out, cleanse the stagnation from the winter to cleanse the system and make room for all the energy of summer!

Garlic is hot, opens the sinuses, has a heavy anti-bacterial/viral/fungal component which makes it great for clearing dampness (like yeast infections) and great for helping the immune system for protecting itself from viral load (cold and flu season).

As we go through changes in season from spring to summer and people are traveling and being exposed to bacterial and viral infection it is great to eat a lot of garlic!

For Garlic Lovers!

Add a few cloves of garlic and raw honey to our Under the Weather tea for a powerhouse blend to fight off all sickness. Travel tip: Drink this in foreign countries with meals to protect yourself from parasites etc. in the food and water supply.


Under The Weather

A spicy anti-bacterial anti-viral organic herbal tea designed to ward off cold and flu symptoms with a kick that open the sinuses, clear congestion, and promote sweating to flush out toxins.

Drink this blend to balance your Resistance & elevate your Wellness!

This item includes 35 servings of herbal tea, packaged in a reusable glass jar sealed with a cork and beautifully nestled in its own labeled gift box.


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