Herbs for Migraines

What do these 4 Autumn Bear Herbals blends have in common? 🤔 In many cases, migraines are triggered by deficiencies of our valuable resources (Qi, blood, fluids) so migraines can often be traced to too much stimulation (too much work, stress, exercise, alcohol etc...).

Since these resources finance the body's activities we need to boost them by getting *good nourishment, *good sleep (the body heals most and produces its resources when we are at rest!) and *good hydration.

Our Prevention and Hydrate (top row) blends are great for fluid production, as is Gut Health (not pictured) considering fluids are actually produced via the stomach energetics in Chinese Medicine. Fatigue (bottom left) has great nutrients for blood building like nettles & alfalfa, and Relieve (bottom right) is great for moving blood and fluids with pink peppercorn & cinnamon, while reducing inflammation and pain with turmeric & skullcap.

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